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Product management made simple

Create and manage your product catalog just like you would manage any other WordPress content. The free Prodigy WordPress plugin provides comprehensive product management functionality. There's no need to pay for any third-party addons — the plugin contains all of the core features out of the box.

Explore how Prodigy Commerce facilitates product management

Build branded eCommerce websites

Build branded eCommerce websites

  • Customize the Prodigy WordPress theme
  • Configure a set of SCSS files
  • Choose between page templates

The free Prodigy WordPress plugin provides a powerful toolkit for creating custom eCommerce websites. Build top-of-the-line merchant-branded online stores that meet your clients' requirements.

Build branded eCommerce websites

Create product catalogs

  • Follow a familiar WordPress workflow
  • Import an unlimited number of products
  • Configure product categories

The free Prodigy WordPress plugin allows you to import and export products like any other content on WordPress. There’s no learning curve — select the products you want to sell and add them to your store.

Build branded eCommerce websites

Configure product settings

  • Add images, tags, product variants, and more
  • Set up taxes and shipping information
  • Configure product attributes to implement powerful filter and search functionality

Be in full control of your products. The Prodigy WordPress plugin allows you to configure product settings and customize offerings to enhance customer experience and promote sales.

Build branded eCommerce websites

Implement efficient sales strategies

  • Promote products with scheduled discounts
  • Drive revenue through cross-sell and up-sell strategies
  • Keep track of inventories

Prodigy Commerce offers rich marketing functionality right off the shelf. There's no need to use any third-party addons to implement and launch successful sales strategies.

All you need to build full-featured eCommerce website

Create a Prodigy account and start building a fully functional eCommerce store.

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