Frequently asked questions

What does Prodigy Commerce do?

We provide the WordPress Community with an eCommerce solution that brings together the benefits of the WordPress content management system and a hosted eCommerce platform, akin to Shopify. Over the last four years, our team of 10 engineers developed the platform and an open-source plugin that connects it to WordPress. Our eCommerce solution is free at any scale with no subscription or expensive extensions required.

Why does Prodigy Commerce focus exclusively on WordPress?

Because over 40% of all websites run on WordPress. Entrepreneurs love using it for blogging and content creation, and the WordPress Community loves helping them develop/design custom marketing and eCommerce sites.

Why is Prodigy Commerce even necessary when 95% of WordPress eCommerce stores are built with WooCommerce?

Because store owner’s expectations have shifted radically in recent years. They’re demanding stores that run on modern technology and can be managed efficiently at a total cost of ownership that’s reasonable. Our platform is built on Ruby on Rails with React and connects to WordPress with one open-source plugin. It’s beautifully designed, intuitive to work with, and free at any scale.

If Prodigy is free at any scale for the WordPress Community and Store Owners, how do you make money?

We partner with the payment processors integrated into our platform and they share a portion of their revenue with us, just like Shopify does with store owners who use Shopify Payments. Prodigy, however, does not charge a subscription; it really is free. For high-volume stores, we help store owners negotiate lower rates and fees. We are perfectly aligned with a store owner’s primary goal, generating sales.

Are the payment processors integrated into the Prodigy platform actually payment facilitators like Stripe, PayPal, and Square?

No, we ensure that store owners form direct relationships with actual payment processors. By eliminating the intermediary, store owners retain full control over accepting orders and can use our fraud prevention tools to inform those decisions. Other benefits include next day funding, month end billing, efficient chargeback management, superior customer service, and we help high-volume store owners negotiate lower rates and fees.

Are stores built on Prodigy’s platform more secure than stores built with WooCommerce and do they run faster?

Yes. All of the data is either stored on our AWS-hosted platform or tokenized. No third-party plugins or extensions are needed, which create points-of-vulnerability. Our checkout is protected with an SSL/TLS certificate and PCI-compliant. Since we chose our integration partners carefully and then tightly engineered them into our platform, there’s no bloat, which means stores run fast, benefiting SEO, sales funnel conversion, and brand reputation.

Which integration partners has Prodigy worked with to build its platform?

ShipEngine, TaxJar, MaxMind minFraud, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and a handful of payment processors. We believe that the essential plumbing for an online store should be carefully chosen by the platform provider and then tightly integrated. We’ve also natively built abandoned cart recovery tools and the ability to sell subscriptions for products or services into our platform.

Does Prodigy Commerce also compete with Shopify?

Indirectly, yes, but Shopify is a DIY store builder / website-in-a-box solution. We enable the WordPress Community of developers, designers, and agencies to compete with Shopify since Prodigy is also a hosted solution but with a unique business model (free at any scale).

Does Prodigy Commerce compete with WordPress developers, designers, or agencies?

No, we provide software, not services. The only way to build a store with Prodigy is to connect our platform to WordPress with our plugin; we do not have a DIY portal with storefront themes. We only interact with your clients to help them set up their merchant accounts and answer any questions they may have about the day-to-day management of their stores. If one of your clients asks us about website development, design, or digital marketing, we refer them back to you.

Do WordPress developers, designers, and agencies have an ongoing role after a store is up-and-running on Prodigy?

Yes, the WordPress CMS needs to be hosted, maintained, and updated just like any website. In addition, as we add more features and functionality to our platform and plugin, store owners may need your development and/or design assistance with activation, setup, and implementation.

Does Prodigy Commerce have a partner program and, if so, what are the benefits?

Yes, we developed our partner program so that the members of the WordPress Community can build personal relationships with our team. This lets you influence our development roadmap, share your clients’ pain points, and gain access to financial incentives.

Does Prodigy Commerce use or sell store owner’s or their customer’s data in any way?


If a store owner wants to migrate from Prodigy to a different eCommerce solution, will they be able to get their data?

Yes, a store owner’s data is their property. If they want to migrate to a different eCommerce solution, they can use our export feature to download their entire product catalog and we will export all of their customer data and other content free-of-charge.

Can I use my favorite WordPress theme with Prodigy?

Prodigy is compatible with a wide variety of WordPress themes, but you may need to do some styling to make it fit perfectly. As a starting point, we recommend you choose a cross-browser compatible WordPress eCommerce theme since the theme options included will better match what an online store requires.

Can I use my favorite WordPress page builder or Gutenberg with Prodigy?

We currently only support Elementor, however, we are working on integrating Divi with our WordPress plugin and developing Gutenberg blocks for our WordPress plugin.

Since checkout occurs on the Prodigy platform, can I customize it to match the design of the website?

Yes, you have full control over the look-and-feel so that your clients’ customers have a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Our platform is entirely merchant-branded as soon as the store’s logo is uploaded. We always prioritize the store owner’s brand over our own.

What customer support channels does Prodigy Commerce provide for the WordPress Community and Store Owners?

We’re the opposite of WooCommerce. We provide free phone, email, and online chat support from California. You’ll never find us hiding behind a support forum and pretending that’s customer service. In addition, extensive documentation and user guides are available in our Help Center.

Does Prodigy Commerce allow WordPress developers, designers, and agencies to have their own accounts on the platform?

Yes, you can create a free account and an unlimited number of stores and manage them all in one place. You can work on stores in test mode and then seamlessly transfer ownership to your store owner clients when they are ready.

How would I get started?

You can create a free account and set up a demo store to see how Prodigy Commerce can benefit you and your store owner clients. If you have any questions, please contact us via whichever channel you find most convenient.