We believe that the essential plumbing for an online store should be carefully chosen by the platform provider and then tightly integrated. We also believe that store owners should not bear any costs. WooCommerce requires a number of expensive plugins and/or third-party services and the management of multiple dashboards.
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Keep it simple

We’ve eliminated the need for all other eCommerce plugins, decreasing complexity while increasing security and efficiency. Quickly set up taxes, payments, and shipping.

Make it free

We’ve leveraged our developer accounts with top-rated partners to keep things simple and free for store owners. No third-party services needed.

One dashboard

Store owners can manage their entire business from one dashboard. Assess the risk of fraud, process payments, ship products, handle returns, and issue refunds.

No bloat. Only essential integrations.

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We’ve tapped right into ShipEngine’s APIs for handling multi-carrier logistics, finding quality rates, validating addresses, and the creation, purchase, and printing of shipping labels. Store owners can also create a free account. Our order management system eliminates the need for an expensive ShipStation account.

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We’ve seamlessly integrated with TaxJar so that store owners don’t need to create their own accounts in order to automate their store’s worldwide sales tax calculations. This saves store owners $99 per month, and we absorb the cost of each tax calculation that store owners would also pay to TaxJar.

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MaxMind minFraud

Our discrete integration with MaxMind is one of the tools our platform uses to thwart bad actors. The overall risk assessment for each order is clearly visible on the dashboard. With WooCommerce, store owners have to install a $99 per year plugin and pay MaxMind for each risk analysis query.

Payment Icon - Credit Card

We’ve integrated a handful of high-quality payment processors into our platform. Developers don’t need to spend any time doing integration work, and store owners benefit from our relationships and expertise. We help store owners find the most suitable processor for their business and negotiate favorable rates.

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Google Analytics

We developed an app that integrates with Google Analytics. If enabled, our app records a variety of useful events that provide store owners with detailed information about the interactions their customers are having during the checkout process and on the customer account pages. Any valuable insights can then be actioned.

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Facebook Pixel

We developed an app that integrates with Facebook Pixel. If enabled, our app allows store owners to install tracking code on their checkout and customer account pages so that they can better understand the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing campaigns. This data can help store owners reduce the cost to acquire customers.