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Prodigy Commerce provides a comprehensive set of tools to build unparalleled eCommerce experiences on WordPress.


Prodigy Cloud Platform

WordPress is the world’s most popular platform for developing eCommerce websites due to its incredible CMS and theming capabilities.

Prodigy Commerce extends the capabilities of WordPress and adds an all-in-one cloud-based platform that provides developers with an extensive toolkit to create and configure feature-rich eCommerce websites.

Free now and always will be

Accounts on the Prodigy Cloud Platform are free for both developers and merchants. Everything is included with no limits, add-ons, or upsells!

The Prodigy WordPress Plugin and Theme are both open source and available on

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Building eCommerce websites made simple

The Prodigy Cloud Platform is an end-to-end solution to create fully functional, scalable, and secure online stores on WordPress.

Streamlined product management

Streamlined product management

Import and manage products with the help of our full-featured free Prodigy WordPress plugin.

  • Configure tax, shipping, inventory, tags, images, attributes, and product variants
  • Enable search and filters with our powerful widgets
  • Create unique ecommerce websites with our optional Prodigy parent theme
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Fast and secure checkout

Fast and secure checkout

The Prodigy Cloud Platform provides a merchant-branded checkout that is certified PCI compliant to protect sensitive customer data.

  • Create multiple shipping options and different shipping zones
  • Implement accurate tax calculations worldwide
  • Accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

Efficient customer account management

Prodigy Commerce offers rich account management capabilities to both merchants and their customers.

  • Provide detailed information about orders and shipping
  • Enable one-click checkout for logged in customers
  • Set up refunds and returns of damaged products
Fast and secure checkout

Seamless order management

Provide merchants with detailed insights about orders with real-time payment and fulfillment statuses.

  • Capture payments automatically or manually after review
  • Purchase and print postage and shipping labels
  • Prevent fraud with the built-in risk analysis tool

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